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Background of the eight penguins from The Super Sensory Squad

Learning Sensory Processing through the Squadsters and their stories. 

How we can help you

The Super Sensory Squad can help your children understand their eight sensory systems, equip them with strategies for regulation and empower them to advocate for their sensory needs.


Meet Kate and Nicole

Our Services


The Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge is our membership community where the Squadster resources are available to directly integrate therapeutic support into the home and classrooms. 


Children's Course

Our 'Understanding Sensory Processing Through Stories' is our signature kids course, empowering children to understand their sensory systems and how it can impact on their day to day life whilst drawing on their strengths and Squadster Powers. 


Chill Teddy Bear

Interoception processing is fundamental to supporting children to recognise their bodily sensations, understand their emotions and engage in feel good (self-regulation) activities. Chill is our awesome limited edition teddy that helps children far and wide develop their understanding of their bodily sensations. 


Licensing Programme

Our school licensing programme ensures a sensory informed culture is evident throughout the school, for students, staff and parents. This inclusive, educational programme integrates therapeutic success into a format that all schools will rock. 

Meet the Team

Learning Sensory Processing through the power of stories and play. 

The Super Sensory Squad

Writing saying The Super Sensory Squad with pictures of the 8 penguin characters under the writing

Meet Buzz our Tactile Penguin

Get immediate access to a FREE video meeting Buzz and understanding tactile processing

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