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Be a Strong Sensory Advocate


A live 4 week programme for parents who are ready to become a confident advocate for their child's sensory needs.


Starting 17th June

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  • Are you a parent who is lacking in confidence to discuss your child's needs with school, wider family members or professionals?

  • Do you want to understand more about your child's sensory processing needs?

  • Do you find it tricky to advocate for your child in school and other settings?

  • Are you looking for practical strategies to create sensory-friendly environments?

  • Do you want to connect with other parents and get tools to communicate needs to professionals?


Join Kate Grayson, an experienced Occupational Therapist and Nicole Bateman, Educator, Author and Mum of a child with sensory processing differences from The Super Sensory Squad in a transformative 4 week programme.

In the 4 weeks we will cover

What you will get:

  • Weekly recorded training sessions

  • Practical tools: sensory checklist, advocation organisation spreadsheet, email templates, sensory cards, reasonable adjustments list, home/school communication log, regulation strategy cards 

  • Two live Q&A sessions per week with Kate and Nicole on zoom

  • A dedicated Facebook group where you can ask questions, share experiences, and receive advice

  • Implementation tasks



We want you to be supported every step of the way and come away with concrete steps and a thorough plan to move support for you child forward at school.


Join today for only £97


Please note: To make the most of this programme active engagement is needed and there will be tasks to complete each week so that this programme has real life practical value that impacts your family life.

Nicole's Story...

'Four years ago my son had his first seizure and my journey of advocating for his needs to be met began. Through the 4 years I have had to fight to get the support he needs whether that be medically or for his learning and emotional support at school. What has helped my confidence in being able to advocate is getting a grounding in understanding his neurodivergent brain, nervous system and his underlying sensory needs. With more knowledge of those things and what helps him to regulate when he is feeling stressed my confidence has grown and I have been able to advocate for him, and overturn a no to assess and a no to issue and get an EHCP for him to ensure his needs are met.'

What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Understanding Sensory Processing

  • Dive into the eight sensory systems and how they impact your child's daily life.

  • Learn how sensory input is processed by the brain and identify signs of sensory processing differences in children.

  • Gain practical tools, including checklists for sensory differences and posters to understand the sensory systems.

Module 2: Sensory Regulation Strategies

  • Discover effective strategies to help your child regulate their sensory input.

  • Create sensory-friendly environments at home and school.

  • Utilise tools and techniques for calming and alerting the senses with resources like regulation strategy lists, sensory zone schedules, and Squadster cards.

Module 3: Effective Advocacy and Communication

  • Understand the importance of parental advocacy in supporting your child's sensory needs.

  • Overcome barriers to advocacy and build self-confidence.

  • Master techniques for effective communication with school staff, family members, and professionals using communication logs, email templates, and advocacy checklists.

Module 4: Building Support Networks and Advocacy Action Plans

  • Learn the importance of building a robust support network for you and your child.

  • Connect with other parents and professionals who understand your journey.

  • Develop personalised advocacy action plans and set achievable milestones with tools like reasonable adjustments lists, organizational templates, and  sensory explanations cards.

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @thesupersensorysquad

Join the programme and become a strong sensory advocate

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