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The Super Sensory Squad

 Founded in 2023

The heart of The Super Sensory Squad is the determination, drive and commitment to supporting children to understand their sensory processing needs and live a regulatory lifestyle to live a happy, joyful life.

Why was The Super Sensory Squad Created?

The Super Sensory Squad was created to use a child friendly language to help understand the mind-body connection, the impact sensory processing has on day to day life and for children to proactively understand and connect with their sensory preferences. The Super Sensory Squad empowers children, their parents and their educators to take an active role in understanding and responding to their sensory processing needs to enhance daily lives.

Picture of the eight penguin characters in a circle around the words The Super Sensory Squad

Who Are they?

Sensory Squadsters with Squadster Powers!

They are a friendly bunch of 8 penguins, all of who have their own sensory system and unique personality and strengths identified. They support children and their support network understand each of the sensory systems, recognising the impact on daily life and build on existing strengths for each and every child. 


About The Super Sensory Squad

Each Squadster has their very own Squadster Power to share with children far and wide. 

Kate & Nicole x

What is unique about the Squadsters?

The Squad uses a bottom up approach from the brain. That means that it focuses on sensory regulation within the lower brain area regulating the behavioural responses for the fight, flight, freeze or fawn memories, learning and body reflexes. When this area is regulated, children, staff and parents can access the higher level brain activity such as learning, memory, problem solving, emotions, attachment and behaviour. 

Leading to:

Children develop a stronger self-awareness
Regulated behaviour in the classroom. 
Reduced overwhelm for staff. 
Cohesive and collaborative approach between home and school. 
Parents/families feeling supported. 
Improved academic performance

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