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Understanding Sensory Processing Through Stories

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Calling All Super Parents! Get ready to embark on an incredible sensory adventure with your kids! Is your child curious about their unique sensory systems? Do they sometimes struggle to understand their own behaviours? The Super Sensory Squad is here to help! Step into the amazing world of "Understanding Sensory Processing Through Stories" with the fantastic Super Sensory Squad 🐧. 🤩 Meet the Super Sensory Squad! 🤩 Introducing our extraordinary penguin crew! These aren't your average waddlers; these Squadsters possess incredible powers and they are inviting your kids on a exciting adventure through Sensory Island! 📖 What's on the Adventure Agenda? 📖 We introduce your little explorers to the Super Sensory Squad and the fascinating realm of sensory sensations. Your kids will join each of the eight Squadsters on a remarkable journey. Each Squadster has a unique "Squadster Power" that helps kids uncover their own super sensory strengths. This course is for primary school-age kids. Whether your kids are already sensory superheroes, ready to understand themselves more than ever before or just excited to unearth their powers, we've got them covered! This course comes with explanation videos for the children, story videos, a Squadster handbook and bonus videos for parents to understand each sensory system. Don't miss out on the fun - enroll now, have lifetime access and start the coolest sensory adventure ever!

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Understanding Sensory Processing Course


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